Datsun 240Z Upgrades: Committed to quality

We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations! I started 25 years ago, installing car stereo's and started studying everything I could get my hands on, about everything 12 volt DC. As a 20 year owner of Datsuns (1- 78' 510 and 5- Zcars) I've dealt with Electrical gremlins and decided to start helping everyone else with their Z car Electrical problems.


Most older Datsuns never came with any kind of Relays for the Lighting systems (Headlights and Parking Lights) and after melting fuse boxes and wiring, dim headlights, barely viewable parking lights and dash lights in almost all of my Z's, I decided to do someting about it. This site is just a peak at what I can do for your 240Z.


If you live in the area, I also offer 12 volt instals. Everything from Power windows, Power door locks, full alarm and Keyless entry systems, Light upgrades (headlights, driving and fog lights) Battery cables and aftermarket fuse-blocks for added accesories, Diagnostics on 240Z's and everything Stereo and Multi-Media related.


My prices are fair and more than competitive. Besides, do you really want some Newby at the local Car Audio Shop cutting into your wiring or even worse, your Z??


What sets us apart:

  • Each Upgrade is hand built by Me.
  • I use only New Products to build my Upgrades
  • Every Product is made to order. Nothing sits on a shelf and collects dust.
  • I Warranty my upgrades for as long as I'm in Business
  • To date, I'm the ONLY one who builds these types of High Quality Upgrades, built specifically for the 240Z and S30's
  • Most of my Upgrades are Plug and Play. They use OEM connectors, Factory bolt holes for mounting and grounds and the Relays and fuses are readily available at your local auto parts stores. This means no cutting, drilling or damage to the stock wiring.
  • All of my upgrades are as easily removed and as reversable as a set of tires.


Need more information?

Please contact us at I'm always looking for new ideas for the 240Z. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with me.