Design and Production Services

Our Low overhead allows us keep our prices lower than others. We have a large inventory of used S30 switches on hand to keep your switches operating smoothly for years to come. This also helps keep prices to a minimum.

An overview of the services we offer:

  • Complete rebuilding of your Turn Signal and Combo switches
  • L.E.D. Conversions for your Tail lights and front markers
  • Full Alarm and Keyless Entry System installations for your S30

PLEASE READ, If you decide to send your switch(s) to us for servicing.....


The switch rebuilding service is $70 per switch or $135 for the pair. Return shipping is included in the prices. 


Send your complete switche(s) (all parts intact) after carefully removing it/them and using bubble wrap or other protective wrap to protect them on their journey to us.


DO NOT THROW THEM IN A BAG and expect them to show up without damage. I have NO control over the shipper you choose and claim Zero responsibility for damage incurred before your switches get to me. 

When you ship your switches with missing parts, cut wires, broken parts that are not part of the day to day use of a driver, Please expect an email stating the price of the needed parts to make a complete and functioning switch.

A missing or destroyed harness (wires, terminals and connectors) will start at $10
Missing White plastic dimmer (Hi and Low beam switch) body, is $10

Hammered on or unuseable switch body's (cast Aluminum frame) is $15


Most other damage is standard and expected and will be repaired or replaced. But DO NOT SEND US ABOLUTE GARGAGE AND EXPECT A MIRACLE. There's a charge for that.....


I've been rebuilding S30 switches since 2007. Donated switches are used to repair other customers switches. These donated parts are greatly appreciated. So if you have switches that you wish to donate to the cause, please contact us or send them to the address in the pane on the left and we'll cover standard shipping after receiving them.


Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our product offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact us using our contact form.