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280Z Replacement Ignition Relay (8/75 to 5/80)

280Z Ignition/Accessory Relay 8/76 to 5/80 $50 shipped

This is the hard to find replacement Ignition/Accessory Relay pack for the 8/75 to 5/80 280Z & ZX. This relay is located in the upper right corner on the passenger side of the car, to the right of the glovebox.

They go bad from age, moisture and use. Leaky windshields can drip water onto the old upside down relay and they rust, short out and fill with water, causing the enivitable failure. Failure is normally noticed when the Accessory side of the fusebox goes dead. When mounting the new relay pack, I don't suggest you mount it upside down like the factory did. The metal tabs are removable so you can mount the relay the way you want, using either tab. Use a small flathead screwdriver to release the tab holding the metal mount onto the relay.


The stock relay is metal and the needed ground to operate the relays IS the case, when bolted to the relay frame. This new relay pack has a ground wire that MUST be bolted to the metal of the car using the same mounting screw that the relay pack is mounted with.

As far as I know and can tell, the OEM relay (25230-89958) is NLA or No longer available. Even the PN-"B5230-W0500" is hard to come by. 

A look into a bad ignition relay. Good time to replace it....